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April 2018

Fantastical holiday windows and dazzling displays are a New York tradition this season, and none sparkle more brightly than those at Tiffany. This year, we were inspired by the brilliance of Christmas in New York—the quintessential Tiffany holiday.

Each window, like a magical jewel box, contains a glittering, festive scene that only Tiffany could conjure up. Where else would one decorate their Christmas tree with diamonds, or throw a lavish feast for fabulous friends with jewel-filled Christmas crackers, champagne, cakes and all, right in the snow?

Another window display features Rockefeller Center with Prometheus in gold leaf and a jewel-trimmed tree with angels, while yet another features a snow-capped silhouette of a city with a glittering chandelier, icicles and mini Tiffany Blue Box® wreaths. And the soaring Tiffany New York flagship is depicted with elegant snowdrifts sweeping onto the main floor, and diamond keys artfully arranged at the base of our Deco vault doors.

Bejeweled Christmas trees, sparkling crystals, shimmering beads and softly shining snowdrifts are everywhere. And on the façade of the flagship, we light up Fifth Avenue with an intricate light show inspired by an archival motif depicting a spray of diamonds, which framed the Tiffany Diamond at the 1939 New York World’s Fair.

Truman Capote once described New York as “a diamond iceberg floating in river water.” That shimmer and majesty infuse every corner of the store for the most extravagant and lavish holiday yet.



Our holiday video captures all the joy and brilliance of the season.