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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tiffany & Co. disclose our credit account holder information to affiliates or non-affiliates?

No. We do not disclose Tiffany & Co. credit card account holder information to its affiliates.

We do not disclose Tiffany & Co. credit card account account holder information to non-affiliates except in the following circumstances:

  • to our service providers (such as data processors, mailing and fulfillment service companies), each of whom is required to enter into a confidentiality agreement that restricts its use of the information to services on our behalf and prohibits independent use of the information;
  • when our customers request or give us permission to do so;
  • to government agencies, in furtherance of Federal Regulations such as the USA Patriot Act; law enforcement officials; regulatory authorities or courts, if required to do so; and
  • as otherwise permitted by law, including to protect against or prevent fraud, unauthorized transactions, claims or other liability.

    "Information" refers to non-public personal information about you, such as your name, address and Social Security number, gathered in connection with your application for and use of a Tiffany & Co. charge card account.

    If you are a charge account holder, you annually receive our Privacy Notice to Tiffany & Co. Credit Card Account Holders by mail, which notifies you about our policies and practices.

    Should you have questions concerning our Privacy Notice, or to request a current copy, please contact Tiffany & Co. Customer Relations at 1 800 827 1396 or write to us at:

    Tiffany & Co.
    Customer Services
    727 Fifth Avenue
    New York, New York 10022