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Pricing & Payment Plans

Pricing & Payment Plans

Order by Friday May 11th, 3PM EST to receive complimentary
delivery by Mother's Day

Tiffany Pricing Parameters

Because every diamond is unique, each with its own precise gemological characteristics, pricing will vary. Price is based on color, clarity and carat weight and is subject to change and availability. A broader selection of carat weights is available.

Of all gem-quality diamonds, only a fraction ever meet Tiffany’s strict quality requirements. Tiffany diamond engagement rings are offered from $1,500 to over $1,000,000. A Tiffany & Co. sales professional will be pleased to work within your budget.

Tiffany Select Financing

When a heart is set on Tiffany, there’s simply no room for compromise. With Tiffany Select Financing, there’s no reason to accept anything less than the best. We invite you to complete an application online and select the spectacular designs you truly love with confidence.

Interest-free financing is available for engagement rings and Tiffany Watches starting at $1,000 and for all other products starting at $2,500.

Speak to a Tiffany Diamond Expert by calling 800 518 5555.

Please note that by clicking the link above, you will be redirected to a website, hosted by Financial Network, Inc., for the collection and processing of your application on behalf of Tiffany & Co.